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A loan beneficiary from TFSL, has the following to say about TFSL. 

“I have been taking loans from TFSL since 2015, the current loan that I took in 2017, enabled me to pay tution fees for my daughter who joined TPSC-Tabora branch where she graduated in Basic Certificate in Record Management. I thank TFSL for their cash loan services that helped my daughter to start her college journey after being home for two years”.

Rose Madale - Shinyanga
Quality Assurance Officer
I bought a car from TFSL loan, and it helps us especially when it comes to the holidays when I pick up my family and we go away, we have no more trouble like in the past when we were unable to go away for as the bus transportation was a challenge with children.
Emile Mghamba - Moshi
When I got my job I was having a hard time with the transport, to get to my work . After hearing TFSL's announcement that they offer a quick loan then I decided to take a loan to buy a motorcycle which now helps me get to my work on time.
Mr Matenya M. Henry - Sumbawanga
My biggest dream was to have a Car. While going through the showroom I really wanted to buy it at the same time but had no money and I had never know that TFSL could lend out this loan faster than other banks. The day I filled out the form and was told tomorrow you will get the money I did not believe this until I saw my account was full of money as promised. The next day I went to buy my car. I am grateful to TFSL for providing the service quickly and timely. Now the car helps me a lot in my daily activities, I get to the office early, I get home early I get a good time to stay with my family because of TFSL.
Zena Hakida - Tanga
After getting my first loan from TFSL, I bought a motorbike that I decided to use it for the Bodaboda business This secondary income helps me pay a school fees of my daughter.
Jonas Sedeka - Mbeya
Prison Officer
The loan from TFSL enabled me to send my child to a better English medium school, I also bought a subwoofer radio, as well as assisting my siblings in paying their tution fees. I am very happy with TFSL customer services as they have the easiest loan process.
Consolatha Maugo - Shinyanga
I started taking loan from TFSL 2 year ago, the current loan enabled me to buy building materials(tiles, color paints, steel and cement) for decorating the front view of my house. I invite other civil servants to take loan from TFSL with the easiest loan processes.
Neema Mihayo - Shinyanga
I have benefited from the TFSL loan and have been able to start rice cultivation and with the same loan allowed me to buy a motorcycle that helps me get to work on time and also use it for farm field use.
Amedus M. Manjuu - Moshi
I bought a Bajaji after I got a loan from TFSL, it really helps me get a different income. I used to rely on my monthly salary only but now I use this Bajaji for my general use as well as business purposes.
Mery Mganga - Morogoro
I took a from TFSL to invest in agriculture. Since then, I have been very successful and still farming, shortly after I was given another loan which I decided to buy my own car to carry in the crops and take it to market. I took another loan for another phase when I bought the plot and started building the house that I live in, this is my first home that I built with so much help from TFSL.
Omar Salim Omari - Babati
I have taken a loan from TFSL Morogoro, it helped me to be able to afford the cost of irrigation farming, include renting farms, buying fertilisers, buying medicine, paying for labor and food.Thanks a lot TFSL for getting me here.
Essau Mvuha - Morogoro
I took my first loan from TFSL in 2018 that enabled me to buy a Motorcycle, which it helps me to vist the farmers in scatterd villages for agricultural consultations. Also my current loan from TFSL has helped me to grow my Agricultural inputs Shop.
West Mwada - Shinyanga
Agricultural Field Officer
I took a loan from TFSL to build my house and pay school fees for my children.
Ng'walu M. Mapriya - Dutwa