What is Tunakopesha Financial Services Limited?

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We are a non-banking financial institution, providing personal loans for salaried employees and business loans for micro, small and medium enterprises.

About Tunakopesha Financial Services Limited

Our History

Tunakopesha Financial Services Limited, a Tanzanian based microfinance institution was founded in 1992, facilitates micro-credits (micro-lending) towards enrich lives of those in need.

Civil servants and employees of private companies that have partnered with us are eligible to take loans

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How Can Tunakopesha Assist To Improve Your Quality of Life?

When it comes to keeping your financial plans moving, a little boost can make all the difference. A loan could be useful if you need help to reach a goal – whether you’re looking to buy a new car, renovate your home or deal with some existing debts.

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You can use a loan for a range of purposes, including:

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Tunakopesha financial services limited’s presence can be felt all over Tanzania, through its branch offices, agents or sales consultants in 

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What people say
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I bought a car from TFSL loan, and it helps us especially when it comes to the holidays when I pick up my family and we go away, we have no more trouble like in the past when we were unable to go away for as the bus transportation was a challenge with children.
Emile Mghamba - Moshi
I have benefited from the TFSL loan and have been able to start rice cultivation and with the same loan allowed me to buy a motorcycle that helps me get to work on time and also use it for farm field use.
Amedus M. Manjuu - Moshi
I bought a Bajaji after I got a loan from TFSL, it really helps me get a different income. I used to rely on my monthly salary only but now I use this Bajaji for my general use as well as business purposes.
Mery Mganga - Morogoro